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Website Management

Updates and Additions to Existing Websites

If you need to update or refresh your existing website we can offer fixed price, quick turnaround support. Whether you just need a couple of small changes or a considerable amount of new development we can complete your request within an agreed timescale and without any hidden costs.

Take a fresh look at your website. We can help by suggesting easy ways to improve performance, increase visitor satisfaction and build revenue.

Refresh your website - add new features, increase your website visitors and improve your return on investment.

For example:
  • Adding new sections / pages.
  • Using contact forms to increase the number of enquiries generated from your website.
  • Using RSS feeds to distribute your content or add content from other sources to your websites.
  • Creating and managing Google AdSense to generate revenue by displaying unobtrusive, relevant Google Ads.
  • Introducing customer surveys, polls and questionnaires to collect information from your customers and improve the service you provide.

If you would like ideas as to how to attract more visitors, or make the most of your web statistics, or to investigate any other enhancement that may make a difference to your online success, contact us now.

What does it cost?
Once we have a good understanding of what you require we will give you a fixed quote and timescale

Fixing Website Problems and Errors

Prospective customers who arrive at your website will leave almost immediately, forever, if your site does not work efficiently, or they cannot find the information they need quickly. Competition for web visitors is fierce. If you are successful in getting people to your site, make sure you keep them by maintaining and updating the content and functionality. Our team has the experience to deal quickly and efficiently with a wide variety of issues.

The smallest problem can drastically reduce the effectiveness of your website. If there are niggling issues or errors that you know you should get fixed, contact us and we will solve your problems quickly and cost-effectively. Our aim is to make your life easier and your website better.

Some of the many ways we can help:
  • Bugs and Errors - finding and fixing.
  • Website text - spell checking, edits, rewriting.
  • Content - adding new pages, updating content (images, forms, sections, etc).
  • Images - repairing broken image links and replacing low quality images.
  • Website Usability - providing clear, consistent navigation is the key to maintaining user interest.

What does it cost?
Our flexible pricing options mean that you can fix your entire web issues at once, or in stages, depending on your budget and priorities. Our pricing approach is very simple:
  • Once we have an understanding of the work you need we need to do we will give you a quote - this quote is fixed unless you change your requirement.
  • We will only start work once you are happy with the price we have quoted - there are no hidden costs.
  • There is a minimum charge of INR 4,000.

Pricing Examples
"How much should I expect to pay for work on my website?"
As you would expect, before giving you an exact price, we need some information from you. These examples give you a guide as to what price you can expect to pay for the work described.

Example 1 - Website changes (on a website of 15 pages) :
  • Spelling corrections across the site.
  • New page, including text, images, links.
  • 2 New images added to the homepage.
  • Turnaround time: 48 hours.
  • Our price: INR 6,000 to INR 7,500.

Example 2 - Refresh homepage and add contact form :
  • Create new homepage layout.
  • Add contact form.
  • Add a new, user friendly menu.
  • Turnaround time: 6 days.
  • Our price: INR 18,000 to INR 24,000.

Feel free to contact us and give us details of your requirement, we are happy to quote without obligation.

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